The Community

This community was created in 2018 to have a place where people can role play legitimate situations, whether a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), EMS, Fire, Civilian, or Dispatcher. We thrive on interacting with one another in a genuine way. We come up with realistic scenarios and carry them out with professionalism. We do not disrespect other members. We do not use profane language. We do not let the RP situation we are in affect how we interact with other members outside of RP.

The Application Process

The process is simple. You submit an application, we review your information and, if it looks like you’ll be a good fit, schedule an interview with you over Discord. After the interview, we will convene and discuss amongst ourselves how the interview went and contact you again within 1-3 business days.

The Training Process

If your application is approved, you will go through a training class to get familiar with the different rules and guidelines within the community. You will agree to our terms and conditions before you are given access and whitelist registration onto the server.